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We do the best Hair Extensions in San Antonio. We are one of a very few who have perfected the individual hair gluing technique many years ago. This technique allows us to blend the Hair Extensions in the best way so they feel and look just like your own hair. We are proud to have many satisfied customers all over town. We guaranty your satisfaction!


We only use the highest quality hair. What makes our hair high quality? It is imported from all over Europe which allows us to match any color and any texture of hair without chemical damage to the hair. As you know, people in Europe have natural hair color, anywhere from Platinum to light Brown and even Red, so the hair we use for Extensions have no chemicals in it. Sometimes a toner would be applied just to capture a hundred percent match to your hair color. We do not use any over processed hair to do Extensions with. When you come in for a consultation we will literally custom match the color and texture of your hair. With this fine work of art you will be the only one who knows those are Extensions. We cater to hair from all ethnic groups. You can literally gain fullness or length or both in matter of hours. The process usually takes anywhere from two to four hours. It will last you three months. Once we put the Hair Extensions in they become your own hair. You wash and style your hair at home as you please. You will still be able to get your color touched up and get your hair styled at the salon as usual. The glue we use is the best glue, it will not melt with your normal daily activities, it will not become weak and let go of the Extensions. The highest quality hair, the best glue and many years of experience makes your Extensions so natural and easy to wear; no different than your own hair.




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