Corrective Colors in San Antonio
We most often fix the undesired color the customer has in her hair. The years of knowledge and experience in chemicals we have makes us experts in this very delicate work. We say delicate work because it is very important to mix the right formula at once by considering the hair type, how thin or thick it is, how much Grey it has and what chemicals it has in it already, while keeping the hair healthy. This list goes on and on.

If the formulation is not right the results can be disastrous, uneven colors all over the hair, lines created with different shades, undesired shades of Orange, Green or Red color, the hair could end up being very dry and unmanageable or at the WORST your hair is burnt. Believe me once the hair is burnt none of the expensive shampoos, conditioners or treatments can bring your hair back!  Of course once the Hair Designer burns your hair He or She will have you believe treatments will bring your hair back and you will end up leaving the Salon by spending more money taking the suggested products. Look how long it takes to have long, healthy, beautiful hair and how expensive it is. We suggest don’t take a chance on your hair!  Once you find a good Colorist do NOT go to anyone else!







Specializing in Hair Extensions in San Antonio

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