Hair Highlights San Antonio

Highlights add so much to the color of the hair and the style. Of course choosing the right tones for the color of the hair and also the skin color is very important.  Highlights break the contrast of the solid one color.  It also smoothes the features and compliments the layers in the hair.

We can do thin Highlights for the natural look and it blends in perfectly or Chunky Highlights to attract more attention to the hair and avoid the natural look. We also do multiple color Highlights thin natural or stand out chunky.

The colors can be chosen anywhere from one or two shades difference, to very drastic hot Red or Auburn next to some light Blonde and some darker shade.

Highlighting Options:

Low lights - they are even more natural, it blends in as your natural hair color fades and gets multiple shades for a very natural look.  

Reverse Highlights - we basically apply darker color to the hair in the foils either because your hair is just one light color, the hair has been fading out or as Winter comes along we tend to wear darker colors and your hair color would complement these darker colors and fairer skin in the winter months.

The most important part we do that others may not is take our time when you come in for touch ups.

If you notice yourself or maybe a friend each time she gets her Highlights touched up, her hair is getting lighter and lighter mostly on the ends. That’s what we avoid by taking our time to go back and select the strands that we previously Highlighted and apply the color just on the new growth. It maintains the original Highlights and also it leaves your hair healthy. When you put chemicals on the previously chemically treated hair you damage it. Depending on the strength of the chemical you are working with, you can really dry the hair out or burn it badly. We strive to keep our customers hair healthy and shiny.

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