Hair Extensions in San Antonio

Hair Extensions
in San Antonio

It is custom made to fit your needs and desire. Once we get the matching Color and Texture of hair, we glue them to your hair strand by strand close to your scalp. You can get fullness as much as you want or the length as long as you want or both.

There are no limits what we can do with this, give you Extension Highlights so you don’t have to put one more chemical in your hair. You can get multiple Color Extensions creating multi color Highlights or we put them in just where your multiple color Highlights are so it is just like your own hair long and has these Highlights. With one hundred percent Color and Texture matching we do, you can have one solid color long lustrous hair that people will admire.

We also match the color of the glue we use and make them very thin and small, which gives you the most comfort. Glue won’t bother you as if they were big glue chunks on your scalp and no one can see them because they are very tiny and matches the color of your hair. This is not as easy as it sounds for starters, there are so many types of glue out there, however, we use the one that will not melt as time goes by; leaving a sticky substance in your hair or won’t hold your hair after two weeks.

Even the way the extensions are put in makes a big difference, if not enough hair is selected from your hair to hold the extension we are gluing in, you will end up with that strand eventually breaking and leaving little bald spots. If the angle of the hair is not right that is selected to hold the hair we are gluing in, the uneven hair strand will start breaking from the point where all the weight is as you brush your hair, again you end up with little bald spots.


Hair Exentions In San Antonio, TX

We have mastered this technique over many years, we only do the best for our customers not only the first time but each time they come in. As you know Hair Extensions are not as inexpensive as Hair Coloring or Highlights. Please do your research about the Extensions and shop for quality not for the low price. If the hair quality is poor that they are using you will be miserable after spending all that money because your hair will tangle all the time. This is because the hair they used was over processed and it was chemically burned. We use hair that has NO CHEMICALS in it and in most cases is healthier then the customers’ hair.

Specializing in Hair Extensions in San Antonio

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